Scott – Client – Zillow Review

“The decision to sell the family house was made in October with the hopes that the house would sell before the Christmas holidays. Given the house needed at least a months time to prepare it for sale, the window of opportunity to sell the house was extremely short, and the risk that the house sit  vacant and unsold through the dead of winter was a very real possibility. Further complicating the matter I lived over a thousand miles away and working with contractors to prepare the house for sale was a challenge in it self. The decision to list the house with Quaid & Rooney (Q&R) was made after reading over numerous reviews and interviewing a number of realtors. Kathy and her team helped locate contractors, and arrange to let them in to the house, inspect the work and get them paid was a chore in it self. After the contractors work was completed the task of staging the house and having photos taken for the listing was next. Q&R sent in a member of their team to physically stage the house and prepare it for the photo shoot. In addition to the physical staging, the team used a virtual staging technique that we had never seen any realtor use. The virtual staging helped to enhance the listing without having to go to the effort or expense of moving large pieces of furniture in to the house. When it came time to decide what price to list the house I had a good idea what price to list the house at as did Q&R. Q&R’s price was somewhat higher than what we thought the house would sell for, and given that we were operating with a compressed time table I was somewhat apprehensive about listing it at their recommended price. Despite some commentary from other realtors that the listing price was to high, we went ahead and listed the house at their recommended price. The house received multiple bids during its first week on the market setting up a small bidding war. The final accepted price was within less than 1% of the asking price.”                                                                                                                     

— Scott